Answers To Your Questions, Interview With TehCubeDude and More : Cubed #1

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Links to buy all the cubes talked abut in this video:

Dayan + Mf8 4×4 V2 Black:
Dayan + Mf8 4×4 V2 White:
Dayan + Mf8 4×4 V2 Original Color:
WitFour 4×4 Black:
WitFour 4×4 White:
WitFour 4×4 Stickerless:
Gear Change in Gear Stickers:
Gear Change in Circle Stickers:
MoYu WeiLong Black DIY:
MoYu WeiLong White DIY:
Shengshou Aurora Black:
Shengshou Aurora White:
Fangshi Shuang Ren 54.6mm Black:
Fangshi Shuang Ren 54.6mm White:

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