Cubed Season 2 Episode 4

Sorry that this video is late. The end of the month came up really fast since it’s February and I just didn’t have enough time to finish it. Links to […]


Quick survey for you guys (Leave your answers in the comments): 1. Would you guys watch average videos if I were to post them? 2. Would you prefer commentary or […]

Cubed Season 2 Episode 3

Links to buy all the cubes talked about in this video: Moyu Aosu 4×4: http://bit.ly/1iUXQgz V-Cube 8: http://bit.ly/1kmozjX Calvin’s Puzzle 3x3x4: http://bit.ly/1fF2WIz Calvin’s Puzzle Octo-Star: http://bit.ly/1beD86v Type C V WitYou […]