50,000 Subscriber Contest! (CLOSED)

DEADLINE for entering both the comment and video contest: November 10th at 6pm mountain time

Rules for entering:
– Must be subscribed to my channel
– Liking the video is not necessary (but definitely helps)

Comment contest:
– One comment saying how you found out about my videos, and if you can remember, what the first video of mine you watched was.
– You must post only ONE comment.

Video Contest:
– Make a video of your best impression of one of my videos – try to just make everything about the video similar to how I would do it in one of my recent videos, so don’t base it off of any video not from this year.
– video and audio quality will not play a big part in the judging process, so don’t worry too much about that.
– I’ll be judging based on how accurate the representation is, along with your creativity, so don’t make the video about a topic or puzzle I’ve already covered. Be creative to come up with your own cube to review or unbox or something along those lines.
– Don’t worry about making fun of some of the things I do, that’s sort of the whole point.
– To submit your video, upload it to youtube and send me the link through email to jrcuber@gmail.com. I will be checking all of my folders for all entries, so don’t worry about me not getting it.

the prizes for the comment contest will come directly from me, and the video contest prizes were sponsored by thecubicle.us

Thecubicle.us YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1MlUw91

Comment Contest: 2 winners chosen at random
– 1st place – choice of either a cong’s design meiying, or a moyu tanglong.
– 2nd place – whatever first place doesn’t choose.

Video Contest: 3 winners and 3 runner up winners
– 1st place – $75 gift card
– 2nd place – $35 gift card
– 3rd place – $25 gift card
– All three runner ups will get to pick a free 5cc of any lube of their choice OR a free sticker set of their choice smaller than an 8×8 for nxn puzzles.

Good luck and have fun!

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