Cubed Season 5 Episode 5

Links to buy all the cubes talked about in this video here:

Yuxin 2×2:
YJ YuPo 2×2:
Moyu Aosu Megamorphix:
Moyu Tanglong:
Yuxin Fire:
Yuxin Lion 4×4:
QiYi Skewb:
QiYi Square-1:
Pitcher Insanity Cube:

Full World Record Videos:

2×2 Average:
Skewb Former Single:
5×5 Former Average:
5×5 Former Single:
4×4 Single:
3×3 Blindfolded:
3×3 Fewest Moves: NA
Skewb Single:
Pyraminx Average:
Pyraminx Single:
7×7 Average: NA
6×6 Average: NA
5×5 Average: NA
5×5 Single: NA

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Alex Skrindo – Jumbo [NCS Release]:

Alex Skrindo…

Unison – Aperture [NCS Release]:


Outro music:

Listen/Download Here:

The FatRat – Windfall:

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