Cubed Season 8 Episode 1!

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Type C WitTwo 2×2 V3:
ShengShou Rainbow 2×2:
FangShi LimCube Deformed 3×3 Centrosphere:
VeryPuzzle Clover Icosahedron D1:
QiYi Mastermorphix:
CubeStyle Windmill Cube:
ShengShou Elite Kilominx:
QiYi QiMing A Pyraminx:
QiYi QiCheng A Skewb:
YJ YuShi 6×6:
WitEden 2x2x4 Cuboid:

Full World Record Videos:
4×4 Average:
5×5 Blindfolded Single: N/A
3×3 Blindfolded Single: N/A
3×3 Average:

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