Cubed Season 9 Episode 2! – October 2017

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween! 🎃

To my Patreon supporters, THANK YOU all so much for supporting me throughout this past year. I appreciate it so incredibly much. I’ll be shutting down my Patreon page tomorrow, on the one-year anniversary of when I announced it.

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YJ 3×3 Ball Cube:
GuoGuan YueXiao Pro M:
Amazing Cubes 2×2 Carni Red Devil:
Amazing Cubes 2×2 Carni Jaw:
ShengShou Legend 2×2:
ShengShou Dino Cube:
GAN 249:
GAN 356 Air S (Master):
QiYi WuHua 6×6 V2:

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