Cubed Season 9 Episode 3! – November 2017

Links to buy all the cubes talked about in this video here:

MoYu AoSu 4×4 GTS M:
QiYi Clover Cube:
QiYi Pentacle Cube:
mf8 3×3 Curvy Copter:
MoYu Axis Time Wheel:
Meffert’s Gear Egg:
Timur Gear Cube Extreme:
Corey 3x3x5 Fisher Cuboid:
Corey 3x3x5 Fisher Cuboid V2:
Corey 3x3x5 Fisher Cuboid V3:
Calvin’s 3x3x5 Fisher Star Cuboid:
Calvin’s 3x3x5 Fisher Rocket V2:
Calvin’s 3x3x5 Fisher Rocket V1:
Calvin’s 3x3x5 Fisher Barrel Cuboid:
Valk 3 Power:
Valk 3 Power M:
Z Round 3×3:
ShengShou Gem 2×2:
ShengShou Gem Pyraminx:
Cyclone Boys FeiZhi 2×2 (Tiled):
Z 2x2x1:
Calvin’s Super Gigaminx:
mf8 Sun Cube:

World Record Videos:

2×2 Average:
3×3 BLD Average: N/A
5×5 Average:
3×3 BLD Single:
Square-1 Average: N/A
3×3 With Feet Mean:

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