Cubed Season 9 Episode 4! – December 2017

Links to buy all the cubes talked about in this video here:

Z Christmas Tree 3x2x1:
CH YuXin Little Magic 3×3 M:
Z Cloud 7×7:
Z 3×3 Cylinder:
Z Barrel Cube:
mf8 Multi Dodecahedron:
YJ GuanChuang 5×5:
mf8 Bandaged Sun Cube:
YuXin Little Magic Pyraminx:
WitEden Icosahedral Mixup:
WitEden Octahedral Mixup II:
WitEden Octahedral Mixup IV:
YuXin Little Magic Megaminx V2:
YuXin HuangLong 17×17:×17-p-10097.html
mf8 Duo Axis Cube:
MoYu Crystal 3×3 – Ring:
GAN 249 V2:
GAN 249 V2 M:
Z Carbon Fiber 5×5:
MoYu AoHun Megaminx:
YuXin Multi-Skewb Cube:
1×1 Megaminx – DIY Kit:

Full World Record Videos:

Pyraminx Average:
Square-1 Average:
Skewb Average:
Clock Average: N/A

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