Cubed – January 2018!

Links to buy all the cubes talked about in this video here:

MF6 6×6:×6-p-10159.html
CubeStyle Carbon Fiber Kilominx:
mf8 Son-Mum Cube:
X-Man Galaxy Megaminx V2 (Sculpted):
X-Man Galaxy Megaminx V2 (Concave):
MF4C 4×4:
Spherical Cube:
HelloCube 2×2 Gear Cube:
Z Wave 3×3:
Lefun 2-Layered Cheese Puzzle:
Lefun 2×2 Dart:
Lefun MoYan I:
VeryPuzzle Seven Star UFO:
ShengShou Gem Megaminx:
FangShi LimCube 2×2 Transform Pyraminx:
FangShi LimCube 2×2 Transform Pyraminx – Octahedron:
FangShi LimCube 2×2 Transform Pyraminx – Rhombohedron:
FangShi LimCube 2×2 Transform Pyraminx – Pyrastar:
CH Galaxy Megaminx V2 M:
Eitan’s TriCube:
Cyclone Boys FeiJue 3×3 M:
Lefun 7×7:
Lefun Pyramorphix:
CubeStyle Twist Cube:
LanLan 3×3 Geary Cube:
ShengShou FangYuan 4×4:

Full World Record Videos:

7×7 Average:
6×6 Average:
Pyraminx Single:
3×3 OH Average:
Clock Average: N/A
Tied 3×3 Single:
4×4 Average (Not Mentioned):
6×6 Single (Not Mentioned):

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