My name is JRCuber and I make videos about Rubik’s Cubes! I am mostly a speedcuber but I also love modding and puzzle collecting. I make unboxings, reviews, and videos on my latest mods and I also have two shows called Cubed and Cube Ed. Cubed is a monthly show where I do averages of 5 while answering your questions from the last episode along with challenges and keeping you up to date with all the new cube releases and world records. Cube Ed includes tutorials, walkthroughs, and comparisons. I try to post videos once or twice a week and I live stream twice a month. I also have a second channel called JRCuber Unplugged where I post more relaxed, fun content.

      I’m also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ and you can find all of those to the right. Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already done so, subscribe to my channel