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Unboxing Some Rare, Obscure, Vintage Puzzles!

Ryan’s Channel: Michael’s e-mail (He does 3d puzzle design and printing): Support me on Patreon: Shoutouts to all of my Patrons: Puzzlcrate Andrew Salas Livio Stössel Sawyer […]

Unboxing the QiYi Thunderclap 4x4s, Cubicle Galaxy Megaminx M, and More! |

Buy these cubes here: QiYi Thunderclap 4×4: QiYi Thunderclap Mini 4×4 (60mm): Cubicle Galaxy Megaminx M: MoFang JiaoShi Mini 3×3: Lubicle Black: Not available yet QiYi’s […]

July Puzzlcrate Unboxing!

Giveaway details: All you have to do to enter is be subscribed and leave ONE comment on this video! The winners will be chosen in the next Puzzlcrate unboxing! Puzzlcrate: […]

Unboxing Some Old Eastsheen Puzzles, Mf8 Circle 3x3, and Dayan Octahedron! |

Buy these puzzles here: Eastsheen cubes: Mf8 Circle 3×3:×3 Dayan Octahedron: Supercube stickers: Support me on Patreon: Shoutouts to all of my Patrons: Andrew Salas […]

Cubed Season 8 Episode 4!

Links to buy all the puzzles I talked about in this video: CH ChuWen M 2×2: CH XingHen M 2×2: CH WuQue M 4×4: FanXin Megaminx (Sculpted): […]

Unboxing the SenHuan Mars S 3x3, Cong's Design MeiChi Pyraminx, and More! |

Buy these cubes here: SenHuan Mars S 3×3: Cong’s Design MeiChi Pyraminx: MoFang JiaoShi Mastermorphix: QiYi 2x2x3: Moyu Mirror Blocks: N/A Fidget Cube Spinner: QiYi’s […]

Q&A With the Nationals Squad!

Links to everyone’s channels: TheRubiksCubed (Adam): Sassy Ginger77 (Natalie): RockinCuber (Jonah): Derpy Cuber (Daniel): Patrick Ponce (Patrick Ponce): Das Cubing (Dan): Hashtag Cuber (Eva): […]

CubingUSA Nationals Vlog Day 3!

Part 1: Part 2: RCPongo: Thrawst’s original siamese cube tutorial: Support me on Patreon: Shoutouts to all of my Patrons: Kathleen Andrew Salas Randall Gaz […]