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    The Cubicle Qiyi Wuque M just released on the Cubicle’s “Cubicle Labs” section on their website. I am very interested in this puzzle because currently I am using a normal Qiyi Wuque that I have just loosened and broken in with Maru lubricant. I have broken my mo3, ao5, and ao12 pb’s with this great 4×4 but it still has a lot of room for improvement in my opinion. The biggest problem this cube has is that it pops. I have played around with different tensions but can’t seem to find a tension that stops the frequent popping and fits my turning style all at once. Even though magnets can barely help with holding the cube together from popping, I wonder if they may change the feel of the cube in a way that would lead me to adapt my turning style, therefore reducing pops. If any of you who are reading this post own a magnetic Wuque or perhaps have tried one at a competition, it would mean a lot to me if you would reply and tell me what you think of the puzzle and if the magnetization helps to reduce popping. Thanks.

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    My friends wuque m that was made by our is very nice and the yuxin blue that he (the one who does not own the wuque) made for me is even more nice IMO howeever that might be because I like 60mm cubes

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