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    I got a challenge here for you, the rules are simple, just tuck you thumbs into the center of your hand and secure it with tape (Masking or painters tape would do well).

    To make it harder you can do no table abuse, which made it impossible for me, but good luck cubers!

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    That would be good but dont use a strong tape…

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    I did the challenge myself, and it was quite difficult/easy at the same time because I used a 2×2, but it fell out of my hands and onto the ground and it fell out of my hands again and fell onto the table. The tape fell off and didn’t work well but that’s what I get for using dollar store tape! 🙂 My final time was 1 minute and 13.22 seconds.

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    Here are my times
    1×1- 0.05
    2×2 -1:10.72 (Took a lot of solves)
    3×3 – Just can’t do it XD

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    My Times:
    2×2: 49.47
    3×3: 3:27.05

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    How many of you used your table for it?

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    I didn’t use my table for it

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    2*2: 1:20.20
    3*3: 3:16.67
    im never doing that challenge again the tape kept ripping and tearing

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