Axel Cube Review

This is the review of the YJ axel or axis cube. This is a great cube and was a good challenge to learn how to solve. One of my first […]

JRCuber Video Intro Spring

This is the intro you have seen in my previous videos but I am uploading it now to have as the featured video on my channel.

Fully Functional 3x3x5 Solve

This is the solve video of the fully functional 3x3x5 that I made. In this video I explain how I solve this cube. If you want more information on this […]

QJ Pillowed 4x4 and 5x5 Review

This is the review of the QJ Pillowed 4×4 and 5×5. These cubes are pretty decent but sometimes the pillowed shape can interfere when you’re speed solving. The 4×4 is […]

Handmade Fully Functional 3x3x5

This is my fully functional (FF) 3x3x5. I used CBCubes’s tutorial which I prefer over redKB’s tutorial because it’s much easier to build and the result is much nicer. I […]

Curvy Copter Unboxing and Review

This is the unboxing and full review of the Curvy Copter. Link to tutorial on how to solve it without jumbling: Link to tutorial on how to solve it […]